About Dig4E

Digitization for Everybody (Dig4E) is a set of modular learning resources that support standards-based digitization of cultural heritage resources. Dig4E is a toolkit for acquiring literacy on the technical standards and hard-won best practices that underpin digital still imaging, audio and video conversion, and the associated core technical metadata elements of digital files. Learners can use the Dig4E modules for systematic self-study in classroom settings, independent workshops, and digitization lab environments, particularly those operated by non-specialists. The modular learning units include audio and video segments with explanations and demonstrations, links to digitization guidelines and technical documentation, and examples of good and not-so-good outcomes of digitization processes. Each module features self-assessment quizzes that reinforce learning and highlight the most important points to remember.

All learning resources are available free online with Creative Commons licenses. A print-on-demand textbook supporting the online resources will be available for purchase at a modest cost. The University of Michigan will preserve all digital content and associated code in its well-supported data repository service.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has provided generous support to the University of Michigan School of Information for the two-year development project (Oct 2018 – September 2020).