Video: Learning Units

1. What is Videotape?

We learn about the history of analog video recording formats.

2. Video Standards Overview

We learn about the variety of standards and guidelines for digitizing analog videotapes.

3. Video Ethics

We learn about the ethics of technical decision making on the shape and preservability of digital reformatting. 

4. Analog Video Formats

We consider the types of analog video signal formats.

5. Video Risk Assessment

We apply new tools for evaluating value and risk in video resources to assign digitization priorities.

6. Digitizing Video Essences

We learn about standards and best practices for digitizing the video and audio signals on videotape.

7. Contracting for Video Digitization

We learn about discussing digitization services with third-party vendors.

8. Video Facility Infrastructure

We learn about minimum requirements for in-house videotape equipment.

9. Time Codes & Captioning

We learn about the digitization challenges of complex time codes and textual information on videotapes.

10. Preservation Wrappers & Encoding

We learn about three target formats for encoding and wrapping digital files.

11. Digital Distribution Formats for Video

We learn about the digital file formats that facilitate online playback of digitized analog video.

12. Quality Control Workflow

We learn about approaches to ensuring the quality of the preservation master file.

13. Metadata About Video Files

We learn about standards for documenting the technical features of digitized video in external databases.

14. The Future of Video Digitization

We learn about the aspirations of the standards community for long-term preservation and access.